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Sicem Saga CMP for printing and writing paper

Carta per stampa e scrivere
Sicem Saga's bleached aspen chemimechanical pulp contributes valuable properties to printing & writing papers.
The high brightness obtained through patented Sicem Saga Processes yield TCF CMP and allows large quantities to be used in paper production.
The low shive content plus the renowned fineness of aspen fiber gives an extremely smooth surface, comparable to woodfree papers with greater opacity.
For high bulk papers, chemimechanical pulp can be mixed up to 70% in production with less yellowing than the more common and expensive hi-yield spruce pulp.

Recommended Sicem Saga chemimechanical pulp grades:
SE 70/48
SE 85/48

Sicem Saga technology for a chlorine free product.

Certified products are available on request


Environmental commitment.
Environmental Safeguards are a top priority for Sicem Saga.