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Environmental Commitment

The main activity of Sicem Saga is the production of chemimechanical pulp for paper and board.

The production facilities are in the Canossa (RE) mill.
The paper industry has always been considered to have a strong environmental impact due to the high use of natural resources such as wood, water and energy.
The chemimechanical process and particularly the technology developed by Sicem Saga is considered environmentally friendly with several unique features:

  • High pulp yields per unit of wood used;
  • Low quantity of water utilized for the production with a high percentage of reutilized water after depuration;
  • Low energy consumption;
  • Bleaching without the use of chlorine;
  • Low load pollution of the water that goes trough depuration.

For many years Sicem has paid special attention to our local environment.
To better evaluate ecological impacts from our production and logistics, Sicem performs continual environmental analyses.
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Results from these analyses have realized efficiency gains and minimized the impact of our industrial production.
In 2005 Sicem started a five year plan to integrate investments focused on minimizing our environmental impact.
Some of our innovative technical decisions are:

  • Utilization of post consumer wood;
  • Dried product in order to lower up to 50% of the outgoing traffic;
  • Energy production integrated with high efficiency cogeneration plant and utilization of the heat generated by the engines for the flash drier;
  • Biological depuration plant improved in efficiency;
  • Improvement of the acoustic impact;
  • Enlargement and modernization of the plant and fire fighting measures;
  • Training personnel regarding safety;

Sicem Saga's new environmental investments for 2013-2015 aim at reducing chemical and energy consumption. SS's strategy includes a new process for using post-consumer wood products to reduce the amount of chemicals for impregnation. Also, our new engineering makes better use of generating energy from barks and waste to provide additional thermal energy and replace natural gas inputs. SS's investments in advanced environmental technology and product development reveal our leading commitment to the pulp and paper industry.
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The company has obtained ISO environmental certification 14001 and the FSC forest certification.
The environmental analysis done for the A.I.A. purposes have underlined in detail all the aspects of the production proving that all our processes are in conformity with all environmental rules and laws and giving us the possibility to improve even more, where needed, the environmental performance of the company.
Our research and plant improvements exceed current best technologies available (BAT).
We intend to achieve a more and more "clean" production process.

Certified products are available on request

Sicem Saga technology for a chlorine free product.
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