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Birth and rise of a success pulp producer

The Gazza family held an important presence in the wood industry, with a production of fruit boxes since 1920, mineral water boxes and ammunition boxes for NATO. The business was relocated and reconstructed as a pallet mill in 1964.

In 1960, Dr. Giorgio Gazza entered the pulp market with the idea of recycling the rejected wood chips from saw mills and other local wood industries in Padana flat.
For this purpose he located investors, designed and began construction of the Canossa mill that included a hydroelectric plant on the Enza River for electricity.
This strong knowledge and tradition in the European wood industry have been fundamental to the development of an innovative system for securing suppliers and customers. Further, Dr. Gazza's patented machinery and process for impregnation and refining wood substrates gives the company an ever expanding role in supplying CMP to the paper and board industry.
The patent technology allows Sicem Saga to produce a wide range of hi-quality pulp with minimum water and energy consumption.
Sicem Saga was the first one in the world to produce chemi-mechanical pulp from poplar feedstock. This breakthrough persuaded the pulp industry to rethink the value of poplar fibers, which were once considered inferior to spruce fibers.
On the request of the investors, Dr. Gazza designed 2 other mills for the production of chemimechanical pulp. These were "L'Empresa National de Cellulosa" in Motril, Spain and "Donzelli e Meridionali" in Toscolano, Italy.
During the 80's and 90's, Dr. Gazza's three sons joined the company. They brought new engineering, financial & legal insights and innovation to the company, another milestone in the perfection of its production technology and quality.

Sicem Saga technology for a chlorine free product.

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Environmental commitment.
Environmental Safeguards are a top priority for Sicem Saga.