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Sicem Saga CMP for coated paper

Carta patinata
Sicem Saga uses our patented process to manufacture a range of chemimechanical pulps. All of our products are TCF and FSC certified.
Sicem Saga's aspen CMP pulp offers high brightness and a smooth surface for excellent visual appearance for coated fine paper (CFP). Low shives content and a good internal bond give good web formation for the CFP. Further, it offers good printability with no linting, esp. for web-offset printing.
An excellent smooth surface of the support for the coating can be obtained and the quantity of poplar pulp can be up to 60% of the mix.

Recommended Sicem Saga chemimechanical pulp grades:
SE 85/48
SE 80/48
SE 70/48
SE 85/57

Sicem Saga technology for a chlorine free product.

Certified products are available on request


Our Environmental commitment.
Environmental Safeguards are a top priority for Sicem Saga.