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Sicem Saga CMP for coated boards

Cartoncino patinato
Coated board producers value stiffness, compressibility and printability. Sicem Saga has developed special grades of CMP that offer considerable savings for mid & top layers for box and board makers. Our specific pulp for the mid-layer improves volume and unique impregnation yields additional strength for top layers. Coated board & paper producers can benefit from our high opacity and low shive content by using up to 30% of our CMP to replace chemical pulp in feedstock.

Recommended Sicem Saga chemimechanical pulp grades:
SE 80/48
SE 70/44
SE 60/44
SE 30/32

Sicem Saga technology for a chlorine free product.

Certified products are available on request


Environmental commitment.
Environmental Safeguards are a top priority for Sicem Saga.