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An original technology improves dryness and quality

Sicem Saga, in the continuous effort to improve the environmental impact, started up a new filter press for the treatment of the waste water sludge. Two important advantages are now a real fact due to the new machine: first of all, the reduction of the sludge quantity. This has been achieved with a significative improvement of the dry content. Secondary, but equally important, the reduction of the odors, thanks to the addition of iron salts which have an important oxidizing action. All of this without increasing significantly the cost of the sludge treatment. The technology developed by Sicem Saga is based on experiences well known from a long time in the waste water treatment, but it is totally new for the CMP or BCTMP. It is based on a double stage, first in centrifuge and then in filter press, in order to maximize the advantages of the sludge thickening, with the help of chemicals with low environmental impact. After treatment, the sludge is easily used as fertilizer in agricolture, because they contain nutrients useful for the plants life and no hazardous contaminants.

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